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Mixed Metal Citrine Eye of Ra Necklace

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A one of a kind handcrafted antique sterling silver Eye of Ra necklace with a set citrine gemstone, made with love and care in Bali. The intricate design of the pendant is made entirely by hand from recycled 925 sterling silver and is paired with a gold plated barleycorn style chain. 

The Eye of Ra

The Eye of Ra, a symbol derived from ancient Egyptian mythology, embodies protection, wisdom, and divine power. Associated with the sun god Ra, it represents protection and guidance, being looked after by higher powers. Often depicted as the right eye, it safeguards against evil forces, offering guidance and clarity to those who seek it. This symbol signifies the interplay between light and darkness, life and death, embodying the eternal cycle of existence. As a spiritual emblem, it inspires individuals to embrace inner strength, seek balance, and align themselves with the cosmic order of the universe.

Both the Eye of Ra and Horus share themes of protection and divine presence, the Eye of Ra is more closely associated with solar imagery, royal power, and cosmic order, while the Eye of Horus emphasises spiritual insight, healing, and the journey of the soul.


Citrine is the November birthstone, renowned for its vibrant energy and positive vibrations. As a stone of abundance and manifestation, it attracts wealth, prosperity, and success into one's life. Citrine is deeply connected to the solar plexus chakra, enhancing confidence, personal power, and self-esteem. It dissipates negative energy, promoting optimism, joy, and enthusiasm. Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator, clearing away blockages and inviting in renewed vitality and creativity. It fosters inner clarity and mental focus, aiding in decision-making and manifestation of one's intentions. Overall, citrine is a beacon of light and warmth, radiating positivity and uplifting the spirit.

Feel the powerful energy of this ancient symbol as you wear it. A unique piece of jewellery in your collection with a story.


  • Solid recycled 925 sterling silver pendant
  • Pendant size approximately 15mm
  • 16 inch chain
  • Gold plated barleycorn chain
  • Silver polishing cloth included
  • Arrives ready to gift in our eco friendly Only Artisan luxury boxes

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