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Silver Amethyst and Peridot Yin Yang Necklace

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A one of a kind handcrafted antique sterling silver Yin Yang pendant with a combination of amethyst and citrine gemstones, made with love and care in Bali. The intricate design of the pendant is made entirely by hand from recycled 925 sterling silver and is paired with a fine sterling silver chain. 

Yin Yang

Yin and Yang represent the idea of balance and harmony between opposite forces. Yin is the dark, passive, and feminine aspect, while yang is the bright, active, and masculine aspect. Together, they emphasise the interconnectedness and interdependence of seemingly opposite forces, and their harmonious balance is seen as essential for achieving health, prosperity, and overall well-being in various aspects of life, including physical health, emotional balance, and societal harmony.

Yin is associated with the moon, water, and earth and Yang is associated with the sun, fire, and sky.


Amethyst is the February birthstone that is known for protection and purification, it dispels negative energy and creates a shield of spiritual light around the aura. Amethyst is deeply connected to the third eye chakra, enhancing intuition, insight, and spiritual awareness. It promotes clarity of mind, inner peace, and emotional balance, making it an invaluable tool for meditation and spiritual growth. Amethyst also facilitates inner healing, releasing stress, anxiety, and addictive behaviours. Its calming energy soothes the mind and promotes restful sleep, aiding in spiritual transformation and the manifestation of higher consciousness.


Peridot, the August birthstone, harnesses the energies of abundance, healing, and spiritual growth. As a stone of transformation, it facilitates inner cleansing and renewal, releasing old patterns and promoting personal growth. Peridot is connected to the heart chakra, fostering compassion, love, and harmony within oneself and in relationships. It alleviates stress, anxiety, and negative emotions, promoting emotional balance and well-being. Peridot also enhances intuition and spiritual insight, guiding seekers towards higher levels of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. Its radiant green hue symbolises growth, vitality, and the cycle of life, inviting in blessings, prosperity, and a deep connection to the natural world.

Combining the energies of Citrine and Amethyst

While these crystals have different focuses, they can compliment each other in a holistic approach to well-being. For example, peridot's heart-centred energy can support emotional healing and growth, while amethyst's spiritual energy can enhance meditation practices and deepen intuitive insights.

Feel the powerful energy of this ancient symbol as you wear it. A unique piece of jewellery in your collection with a story.


  • Solid recycled 925 sterling silver pendant and chain
  • Pendant size approximately
  • 18 inch chain
  • 925 sterling silver fine chain
  • Silver polishing cloth included
  • Arrives ready to gift in our eco friendly Only Artisan luxury boxes

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