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Zaria Ornate Brass Purple Turquoise Ring

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A handmade antique brass ring with a unique purple copper turquoise stone.
This ring open cut detailing and the turquoise gemstone is set in an ornate frill setting.

Copper turquoise is a combination of natural turquoise stone that has been crumbled and reformed again, adding deposits of copper to it which creates the beautiful contours amongst the stone.

This provides the healing properties of both turquoise and copper.

Copper turquoise has a unique vibration and is used when working to unblock the throat chakra and for entering a deep state of meditation. Turquoise stone is the stone that resonates with the throat chakra.  It is the stone for communication, allowing the wearer to speak their truth and it provides wisdom and strength.

The copper in the stone provides healing qualities that encourage enthusiasm and motivation as well as success and prosperity.

When combined, Copper turquoise is recognised as a protection charm and an emblem of power and wealth because of it's healing properties.

This purple copper turquoise is called Mojave turquoise and originates from Arizona. A dye is added to the turquoise that creates this purple finish amongst the copper deposits of the natural turquoise stone.

Turquoise is a stone of purification that provides clarity and dispels negative energy. It creates emotional balance and provides solace inducing a sense of serenity and peace. It is also believed to relieve stress and is used to stabilise mood swings, calming nerves and benefiting your overall mood and emotion. Purple turquoise is a combination of blue and purples tones with mottled webbing of dark brown that adds to its distinct character.

Turquoise is also one of the birthstones for people born in December making it a lovely gift for a December baby.

Each turquoise stone has been hand picked and they are all entirely unique and different. 

The ring arrives to you gift wrapped, presented in a beautiful eco friendly box perfectly ready to gift as a present.

Ring Measurements: Adjustable US 3 - 6

Material: Antique brass, Purple copper turquoise

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