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Siya Antique Gold Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

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A precious handmade antique gold necklace with a delicate vintage brass indian pendant and a high quality rainbow moonstone. Rainbow Moonstone is known to be a stone of love that provides calmness & protection, that has tones of pink, blue and milky white. The chain of the necklace is antique gold plated steel of a very high quality with fastening at the back to keep your necklace securely on at all times.

Each Rainbow Moonstone has been hand picked by me and they are all slightly different. The stone is domed and glows in different light showing a range of colours from a flashes of blue to milky white.

Necklace Measurements:
Pendant Size: Approximately 12mm
Chain Length:
∙16 inch (Short Necklace)
∙18 inch (Princess Length)

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