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Sterling Silver Pyrite Protective Eye / Clam Necklace

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A one of a kind handcrafted antique sterling silver pyrite necklace made with love and care in Bali. The intricate design of the pendant is made entirely by hand from recycled 925 sterling silver and is paired with an antiqued 925 sterling silver twisted chain. 

Designed to be a take on a protective evil eye necklace, this necklace is an abstract take on the eye as well as being an intentional hybrid of a clam shell inspired by life on the island.

This Evil Eye protective pendant is a symbol believed to offer protection against the harmful effects of envy, jealousy, and negative energy. The pendant features the Evil Eye symbol in a unique abstract form, which is believed to ward off malevolent gazes and ill wishes from others. It serves as a talisman or amulet, offering spiritual and emotional protection to the wearer. The pendant symbolises vigilance against negative influences and promotes a sense of security and well-being. By wearing an Evil Eye protective pendant, individuals seek to shield themselves from harmful energies and maintain positivity, harmony, and spiritual balance in their lives.

Clam and Shell symbolism

Clam shells carry diverse symbolism, representing protection, fertility, and spiritual transformation. Serving as natural shields, they symbolise security and sanctuary. Associated with water, they signify fertility and creation, embodying abundance and the cycle of life. In spiritual contexts, they evoke renewal and rebirth, with their opening and closing mirroring cycles of transformation. Found on beaches, they connote exploration and adventure, urging self-discovery.


Pyrite is associated with vitality, willpower, and manifestation, often used to enhance confidence and assertiveness. Spiritually, it's thought to act as a shield against negativity and promote mental clarity, grounding, and focus during meditation. Pyrite is also said to stimulate the flow of creative energies and inspire abundance and prosperity. Some believe it fosters a deeper connection with the Earth's energies, aiding in spiritual growth and self-discovery.

Feel the powerful energy of this ancient symbol as you wear it. A unique piece of jewellery in your collection with a story.


  • Solid recycled 925 sterling silver pendant and chain
  • Pendant size approximately 15mm
  • 16 inch chain
  • 925 sterling silver twisted style chain
  • Silver polishing cloth included
  • Arrives ready to gift in our eco friendly Only Artisan luxury boxes

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