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Obsidian Body Gua Sha

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Gua sha is a natural ancient therapy from Chinese medicine that involves massaging your skin in a 'scraping' motion with a Gua Sha crystal massage tool to improve your blood flow and circulation. It is a form of lymphatic drainage and is commonly used to reduce puffiness and inflammation in the face and other areas of the body.

A Gua Sha face tool can be used as a deeper tissue alternative to a face roller in your skin routine. It is intended to address stagnant energy, called 'qi', in the body that is believed to be responsible for inflammation. Rubbing the skin’s surface with a crystal Gua Sha is thought to help break up this energy, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.

The technique can be used on a person’s back, neck, arms, and legs as well as on the face using a more gentle facial technique.

Regular use of a Gua Sha may smooth the appearance of wrinkles, brighten complexion, improve skin tone and texture, and firm the face contour.

This Gua Sha is made from Obsidian. Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass formed by rapidly cooling lava. It has been used by different cultures throughout history for its spiritual and healing properties. Here are some properties commonly associated with obsidian crystals.

- Protection: Obsidian is often considered a protective crystal. It can help to ward off negative energies and provide a sense of safety and security.

- Grounding: Obsidian is also considered a grounding stone, helping to connect us to the earth and provide a sense of stability. It can be helpful for those who feel scattered or disconnected. Due to its grounding properties, it is associated with the root chakra.

- Emotional healing: Obsidian is believed to help with emotional healing, particularly around issues of anger, resentment, and trauma. It can help to release negative emotions and promote a sense of calm.

- Spiritual growth: Obsidian is often associated with spiritual growth and awareness. It can help to open the third eye chakra and promote intuition and insight.

- Physical healing: Obsidian is believed to have physical healing properties as well. It can be used to help with pain relief, detoxification, and improving digestion.

The shape of this Gua Sha is a wing shape with curved edges and a small grooves along one side. This shape is designed for the entire body to reduce inflammation and for lymphatic drainage. Obsidian is a harder crystal compared to amethyst and rose quartz making it a more durable crystal for the body allowing you to apply more pressure.

Use your Gua Sha once your skin is hydrated and feeling smooth. Take the tool at about a 15 degree angle to the skin and apply light to medium pressure, with a gentle and mindful speed. Use the Gua Sha in strokes in an outward direction, towards the lymph nodes. Repeat the strokes 5-10 times. The tool can also be used on your arms, shoulders and legs with a balm to massage the muscles.

Your Gua Sha will arrive to you in a gift box with velvet padding to keep your Gua Sha protected when it isn't in use.

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