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Gold Raw Kyanite Necklace

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A gold dipped rustic natural kyanite pendant that comes with an adjustable gold chain.

Kyanite is a blue healing stone that is well known for its high vibrations making it the ideal stone to align your chakras. It doesn't retain or accumulate negative vibrations therefore doesn't need to be cleansed.

Blue Kyanite is a spiritual and intuitive stone that replenishes energy due to its high vibrations. It is more focused as the throat chakra however it has very effective properties that it can be worked on the entire body.

Each blue kyanite pendant is unique and one of a kind as they are all naturally formed stones.


Chain / Cord length: 24 inches

Pendant sizes: Approximately 4cm by 1.2cm


Gold Plate, Kyanite, Antique Gold Plated Steel, Antique Brass

The necklace arrives to you gift wrapped, presented in a classic, luxurious eco friendly box perfectly ready to gift as a present.

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