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Aleiah Antique Brass Golden Honey Silk Tassel Earrings with Labradorite Gemstones

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A handmade luxury pair of antique brass tassel earrings with labradorite gemstones . The design of the earrings is a dainty intricate open cut floral detailing embellished with petite labradorite stones connected to high end silk tassels in golden honey .

The earring hooks and settings are antique brass. The stone of these beautiful earrings is labradorite that is grey with flashes of blue and green.

Labradorite is a healing stone that is known for creating strength, and banishing fears and insecurities. 

Each labradorite stone has been hand picked by me and they are all slightly different and because of their natural nature they have bursts of different colours and unique imperfections which add to their beauty. These pretty earrings ooze magical colours from a pale green to an iridescent blue with some beautiful gold flashes that also come through in the light. All the labradorite stones are natural and so no two are identical and they all vary in colour. The colour may not be exactly what is shown in the picture due to different monitors and light but they are all stunning tones of green, blue grey and gold. 

Each tassel is handcrafted from silk so have a sheen / lustrous finish and they are very luxurious and of high quality.

The earrings arrive to you gift wrapped, presented in a beautiful eco friendly box perfectly ready to gift as a present.


Earrings Length: Approximately 60mm

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